Pokemon Masters Reroll Guide

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How to Reroll Starting Characters in Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is a new mobile game based on the Pokemon franchise from DeNA. Players who have the game early may be tempted to restart a save file over and over in order to obtain a Sync Pair that they really like. 

However, it should be known that there is no easy method to do this when starting the game. By the time you get into Chapter 10, you'll have only received 3,690 Gems. It costs 3,000 Gems to do a 10-pull.

Players who want to get to their first ten pull will spend over 6 hours playing through the story. 

Additionally, there is no benefit to holding your Gems for a 10-pull over singular pulls. 

When Can You Reroll?

Realistically, the only way you'll be able to effectively reroll is through a special login bonus that has not been released yet. The natural payout for free Gems is extremely low and the currently available log-in bonus rewards very little. 

This could all change after the game is released, so stay tuned to see how it develops. 

UPDATE: Through datamined assets, it has been determined that there will be a guaranteed 5-star Sync Pair scouting at launch!

The available Sync Pairs for this are:

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