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Pokemon Masters is an upcoming mobile game that was initially announced at the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference on May 29, 2019. The game pits trainers in 3-on-3 team battles using various teams of trainers and Pokemon from across the Pokemon universe!


Pokemon masters is set to be a real-time action-RPG game that features 3-on-3 Pokemon battles. Players will be able to recruit different trainers from across the Pokemon universe onto their teams in order to customize their strategies, deepening the collecting theme that Pokemon has long been known for since its inception. The game will focus on winning the “Pokemon Master’s League”, and will take cues from the main series in the form of obtaining gym badges before reaching the final goal.

Game Profile

Pokemon Masters will have the following features:

  • Real-Time Gameplay
  • Collecting
  • Customization/Team Building

User Interface

While we haven’t been given a look at any of the game’s menus, we have seen the in-battle UI.

Developer Profile

DeNA/The Pokemon Company

DeNA/The Pokemon Company

While the Pokemon Company needs no introduction, DeNA was founded in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan. They started business with an online auction service called Bidders, and later moved into mobile games starting in 2006. They have since produced and/or been involved with games such as Miitomo, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


Pokemon Masters will be available on both iOS and Android!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date for Pokemon Masters?

The current release date is set for “Summer 2019”, but this is subject to change. 

Can trainers change their Sync Pair Pokemon?

Trainers in the trailer are all shown using very specific Pokemon, though promotional material for the game currently shows at least one trainer, Rosa, with both a Snivy and a Serperior, lending to the theory that Pokemon will at least be able to evolve.

Do you have to stick with the player-character, or can you use a team of 3 trainers of your choice?

Gameplay trailers currently show many configurations for player teams, not all of them including what appears to be the default player character.

Will Pokemon Masters have some sort of energy system that limits actions within a time-frame?

No such effect has been shown or referenced in any material, though it is still a possibility.

Do stat-totals like we see in the main series or Pokemon Go matter?

While it is likely that every Pokemon will have their own unique stats, initial impressions seem to imply that stat differences don’t matter as much as they have in the past, with traditionally weak Pokemon such as Snivy appearing to be at least somewhat comparable to overtly powerful Pokemon such as Garchomp or Metagross.

Will Legendary/Mythic Pokemon be included?

No Legendary or Mythic Pokemon have been showcased as of now, so it is unknown when/if/how they will appear.

Will PVP be included?

PVP has not yet been mentioned or alluded to, though it is likely given the track record of competitive Pokemon games.

Where will I be able to download Pokemon Masters?

While no open beta or trial period has been announced as of now, the game will likely be available via the App Store on iOS and the Play Store on Android.

How will Pokemon Masters be monetized?

While we do not yet have confirmation regarding monetization as of yet, it is likely that Pokemon Masters will have some form of purchasable currency/items that will be used for in-game purchases, or possibly some form of random loot-box/gachapon system.

Quick Gameplay Tips, Tricks, and Guides

While not much is currently known about how Pokemon Masters will play, its scale has the potential to be quite massive. If trainers can indeed switch their Sync Partner between battles, then we may not only see the entire Pokedex of 808 currently obtainable Pokemon plus forms, but also an expansive cast of trainers from across the generations, making the possibilities downright staggering.

Preparing for Pokemon Masters

Being a real-time  action RPG, make sure that you have a device that is currently updated to the latest version of iOS or Android

What Mechanics Can We Expect to See?

As with most Pokemon games, the emphasis will be around battling and collecting. Mini-games are possible, with an in-game store being nearly a certainty.

Observations from Gameplay Videos/Commentary

  • Gameplay takes place on the artificial island of Pasio, an artificial island that seems to sport biomes to match most, if not all, Pokemon types, while centralizing an arena of sorts.
  • The story revolves around trainers participating in the “Pokemon Master’s League” on Pasio island.
  •  Each trainer may use one Pokemon, with this teaming being called a “Sync Pair”.
  •  Battles consist of 3-on-3 fights, with each side having 3 trainers to control
  • Gym badges are confirmed to be an integral part of gameplay, likely needed in order to access the Master’s League as in the main series.
  • In conjunction with named trainers and generic trainers from the main series, several new trainers are shown. Some may be new variants of old trainer classes such as “Swimmer” and “Beauty”.
  • The battle UI shows controls for all three trainers and showcases moves that charge with the “Move Gauge” at the bottom of the screen, as well as trainer moves which seem to have a set number of uses per battle. It is confirmed that trainers have moves too!
  • It appears that each Pokemon/Trainer Sync Pair includes 2 Pokemon moves and 2 Trainer moves. 
  •  In conjunction with every Pokemon having unique factors that affect gameplay such as types and moveset, a Pokemon’s trainer also changes gameplay with unique effects such as the use of potions in-battle or raising stats.
  • Sync Moves appear to be powered-up  moves used under specific conditions in a manner similar to Z-Moves from the main series
  • Icons appear above a Pokemon’s status bar to show effects such as stat-changes. Some appear to be in effect when the Pokemon enters the field, perhaps hinting at passive effects.
  • When healed, Paloswine has a healing icon shown above its status bar, indicating some form of related status change, possibly a long-term healing effect. 
  • Characters and Pokemon from as far as Generation 7 of the main series are included.
  • In one scene, a Trainer is shown with a Fletchling (Normal/Flying Type) with a displayed Water Type weakness, which Fletchling should not be weak to. It is possible that either the strength/weakness profiles are different in this game, or trainers have innate strengths/weaknesses along with their Pokemon.
  • Mega Lucario is shown, as well as a variation of the Z-Move “Never Ending Nightmare”, though these could be just for effect during the use of a Sync Move

Observations from the Anime Section

It is entirely possible that the first portion of this trailer’s tactics shown are purely for the sake of making the animation more interesting, but several tactics are used by the trainers that may showcase actual tactics available in the game.

  • Korrina tells her Lucario to defend Cheren’s Stoutland. It is possible that Pokemon may be able to intercept attacks or otherwise defend allies in battle.
  •  A female trainer’s Whimsicott uses a vine-like attack to bind and slow down Brock’s Onyx. This could simply be a way to visually represent stat-reducing moves.
  •  White’s Snivy is shown releasing Onyx from said bind, meaning players may have a way of freeing ally Pokemon from statuses.
  •  Brock heals White’s Snivy with a Potion, a feature already shown in gameplay.
  • The player character’s Pikachu attacks multiple Pokemon at the same time.
  • The Gym Leader Erika grants the player character a Gym badge before walking off with the winning team, meaning that badges may be linked to how gym leaders are earned for use in-game(?)
  •  All three Pokemon on the player character’s team are shown merging their attacks into a single blow